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Hi, I am Annwen Candy an Integrative Functional Nutrition Consultant and the founder of Nourish & Thrive. I am committed to show you how to create simple, sustainable food and lifestyle changes to live everyday nourishing exceptional health and vibrant energy so you can confidently make choices that will help you and your family thrive.

Join me and I will show you how nature and it’s amazing tools can be used to nurture yourself emotionally, physically and mentally so you will then have more to give to those around you! I offer ongoing support and the latest information for people who have decided to take control of their lives, allowing you to embrace life giving changes with confidence and ease. 

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Want to feed your family nutritious, healthy treats? Don't have time to bake? Confused by conflicting information on which ingredients are good for you? Or, can't find delicious nut, gluten, dairy, egg free treats your family will eat?

One easy recipe with unlimited variations that will tempt the fussiest of eaters. Ingredient substitutions to suit your dietary requirements with supermarket friendly ingredients.





Annwen Wanted to thank you so much for all the things healthwise you've been posting on Facebook. This term I started substituting fresh, raw fruit, nuts and veg for all the processed foods I was eating. Also I avoid wheat when I can. I noticed a difference in the way I felt almost right away. The other thing was realising how bad I felt when I ate takeaway or similar once I'd started. It's been quite a revelation. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are my new treats and the bit you posted about 'crowding out' the bad foods had a big impact on me too. I probably eat 90% fresh and unprocessed now So thanks HEAPS for sharing your journey- yesterday two people commented separately on how well I looked! You never know who your journey will touch- well done you, and thanks again. - Bridgitte xx

In the short time that I have known you, you have helped me turn my life around and supported me in a journey of wellness and lifestyle change, your passion for health and wellbeing is an inspiration to us all and I know that as you start your new venture that your passion is sure to infect others without doubt. I wish you all the luck as you are brave enough to take a new path, a path that is most defiantly right for you. - Liz

As the mother of an anaphylactic child, it's not always easy finding tasty food my daughter can eat. These were a huge treat that she could enjoy, without worrying about the nut factor, and still being nutritious. I would definitely put these in my daughters lunch box.- Ainslie (Mother)