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About Me

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... an adoring mother, enthusiastic speaker, Functional Nutrition coach and passionate educator. Enlightening you to create simple delicious meals, using whole foods to heal and nourish.


My Journey: Nourishing my body and Thriving 

I am a passionate real food advocate who lives by the belief that we can heal our bodies through eating real foods. I love cooking, and experimenting in my kitchen, which looks like a science experiment some days. I believe that cooking with real foods does not need to be difficult or fancy, a few simple ingredients combined together can create amazing taste sensations that provide us with fuel to enjoy our day with vibrancy. 
After 17 years teaching children and seeing first hand the rise in learning difficulties, sickness, poor concentration, hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, asperges, allergies, poor muscle tone, obesity, anxiety and attention difficulties my desire to spread my message and inspire others to free themselves from illness, dis-ease, syndromes and disabling ailments through the power of real food is insatiable. 
I have gone through my own journey from unknowingly living daily in sickness, to health. I thought I was healthy and my ailments were part of growing old, little did I know the ‘food’ I was eating was slowly disabling me. My discovery that wellness is a journey without an end date was my turning point. 
bubblesI had a very privileged upbringing, where health, being active and balance in life were valued. We enjoyed holidaying, camping and being outdoors, travelled Australia and overseas. I lived next door to my grandparents. I carbo-loaded before races, cakes were baked with half the sugar and fats were limited, because that is what healthy people did. 
By my mid teens I had begun to diet ‘to look good’. I had always had a bloated stomach and felt like I was overweight because my belly stood out. I was 15 when I put myself on my first diet to lose weight, not knowing what to do, I just stopped eating, I learnt that if you went long enough without food you stopped feeling hungry. By 18 I travelled on an exchange program to America arriving very slim, 6 months later after lots of drinking and eating as a backpacker, I left quite overweight. By 20 I was working abroad. I went on a fat free diet. It was at this time my poor bloated belly escalated it’s response system and started to scream at me, I didn’t listen. My already very musical body, became increasingly so, diarrhea and constipation alternated, fatigue led me to daily afternoon naps, hay-fever and asthma worsened, stomach cramping was not unusual, I developed plantar fasciitis, my feet always smelt bad and had cracks in my heals. By the time I returned home two years later I went to the doctor convinced I had a parasite. Many inconclusive results followed, I felt better on gluten free diets, however, always slipped back to my ‘comfort’ foods. At my lowest point when running with friends I regularly had to duck into the bush as I lost control over my bowels. It was becoming very debilitating. 
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After the birth of my daughter my protective nature kicked in, I wanted to shelter her from the chemical and sugar filled world we lived in. I learnt how to clean with Enjo, I home cooked all her meals, but I still ate what ever I wanted. I didn’t understand that what I ate was her first foods as breast milk. My son arrived two years later, both children began life as angels and progressively fussed more and slept less. Both had eczema, silent reflux and were repeatedly sick. 
Having children was my first step to understanding the impact thousands of chemicals in processed packaged foods has. One step at a time we have begun to heal. Every morning of my life the first thing I always did upon waking was blow my nose. I thought that was normal, I can honestly say I have not done this since learning about the foods that best heal my body. My thought patterns around food have changed, I no longer think about what I can’t eat, I focus on what I can eat, I have learnt that I deserve to treat my body with love and respect. 
It has not been all smooth sailing, I have chosen to learn from every slip-up I have made rather than dwell on it or beat myself up. Overcoming what other people thought about the choices I am making was a big one, it wasn’t easy to rid myself of my addictions and begin to listen to my body, but it was worth it. 
I am truly grateful and proud that I am able to educate my children on how to eat and prepare real foods to nourish their bodies so they can thrive in today’s competitive world. I can honestly say I feel healthier and more energetic than I have my whole life. 


I'm a glass half full kind a gal and believe that everything happens for a reason, I thought I was a 'healthy and active' person; I put my love handles and muffin top down to being big boned! In 2012, I accidently found myself embarking on the biggest game-changing event of my life! I didn't realise the extent of my discovery until much later, nourishing my body with real foods has cured dis-ease and ailments I didn't even know existed in my body, taught me to rethink what growing old looks like and gave me back my inner goddess that I didn't know had left me years ago! I have found my mojo and I love it!

My passion for teaching children and my own rediscovery of my mojo gave me perspective and light to question the growing prevalence of behavioural problems, obesity, attention deficit, diabetes, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, asperges, allergies and many other syndromes or illness in my classroom. My personal journey and my passion for wellbeing, health and happiness married up with my adoration for children to create my destiny, nourishing bodies to thrive in today's busy world through simply real food.


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