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I love receiving feedback from my clients! This is what they say:

Annwen Wanted to thank you so much for all the things healthwise you've been posting on Facebook. This term I started substituting fresh, raw fruit, nuts and veg for all the processed foods I was eating. Also I avoid wheat when I can. I noticed a difference in the way I felt almost right away. The other thing was realising how bad I felt when I ate takeaway or similar once I'd started. It's been quite a revelation. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are my new treats and the bit you posted about 'crowding out' the bad foods had a big impact on me too. I probably eat 90% fresh and unprocessed now So thanks HEAPS for sharing your journey- yesterday two people commented separately on how well I looked! You never know who your journey will touch- well done you, and thanks again. - Bridgitte xx

In the short time that I have known you, you have helped me turn my life around and supported me in a journey of wellness and lifestyle change, your passion for health and wellbeing is an inspiration to us all and I know that as you start your new venture that your passion is sure to infect others without doubt. I wish you all the luck as you are brave enough to take a new path, a path that is most defiantly right for you. - Liz

As the mother of an anaphylactic child, it's not always easy finding tasty food my daughter can eat. These were a huge treat that she could enjoy, without worrying about the nut factor, and still being nutritious. I would definitely put these in my daughters lunch box.- Ainslie (Mother)

You know how things that taste healthy don't always taste good? Well these weren't like that ... they tasted as good as caramel slice. - Georgia Aged 11

For someone who thought that all health food was tasteless, I was surprised at how good these tasted. Would definitely recommend them. - Orlando

As I have Coeliac disease, I seldom get the opportunity to enjoy cakes and slices, other than the expensive Orange & Almond at Coffee shops. I relished the variety provided by these gluten-free alternatives. - Jill (coeliac)

Very chocolaty and very yummy with coconut. It is Fabulous! - Maddie Aged 8

I can't believe they are made without nuts – that's what it tasted like mostly. - Robyn