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Nourished Awakening Online Program

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Find your inner 'GODDESS' and start living today with a zest for life while looking and feeling fabulous!


Nourished Awakening is a Transformational Guide

With daily support you will learn how to create lasting change to improve your energy and gain back your life, overcome past behaviours that are not serving you and recognise addictions and emotions that are holding you back. 

Are you...


  • busy running around after everyone else, leaving yourself feeling drained?
  • wondering when time for 'you' is going to begin?
  • overweight, overworked and over it?
  • suffering from bloating, cramping, allergies & fatigue?
  • struggling to keep up with your kids?
  • lying in an exhausted heap on the couch at the end of the day?
  • feeling powerless and out of control around food?


DSC02729 2.jpg34Let's face it ...

...if you keep doing what you have always done, you are going to keep getting what you have always got! If you are like me you have invested way too much money into diets, fitness, books and information based on the latest trend only to find the results being temporary at best and self defeating at worst!


Imagine...DSC02641 2.jpg42

... shopping for a new bikini with confidence and ease, waking up excited and full of energy for the days possibilities, not craving fatty, salty and sugary foods, feeling empowered to make choices that will nourish your mind, body and soul, creating delicious treats that the whole family will enjoy.


You will ... 

... be rewarded with sustained success, experience natural weight loss, increased self-confidence, boundless energy, radiance, love and acceptance of yourself xx



Love yourself for life ...DSC02554

If you don't want to be a statistic, don't do what the rest of the world is doing, try something different! It is time to get off the couch and get on the Nourished Awakening Program, you only have one life to live, discover the possiblities when you jump off the roller coaster of dieting and over exercising to discover the power of whole foods and self love and acceptance. Drop dress sizes for good, no more fat clothes! This program is about freeing you from your past behaviours and creating a new you, this is not another diet, it is a new way of life and living xx

Nourished Awakening

Sick of muffin tops and wearing your fat clothes? Is your self esteem fluctuating with your weight? Are you over feeling exhausted dragging yourself out of bed each morning? Giving everything to everyone else and feeling guilty for wanting to have 5 minutes for yourself?

...if you answered yes to any of these, then this is your sacred place!

I am Annwen Candy, just over three years ago I didn't know that I had been living my whole life in sickness, I thought I was getting old and that ailments, illness's and allergies were a part of life, something I had to live with and put up with. I thought I was tired because I was a working single mum, juggling work life balance! I was wrong! I now feel younger than I did when I was in my 20's! My whole life I have battled a bloated gassy belly, allergies, food addictions, muffin tops, fatigue and emotional eating, after 39 years of life I finally get it and I have never felt better! For the first time in my life I actually like myself for me and I am not trying to be someone else! 

Deep breath... and let it all out... Phew,  that is right, this can be you too. This is not another diet, it is not another fad that will leave you feeling like a failure, it is the exact opposite to this. You are where you are today as a result of what you have always done. Thanks to technology, advertising and food companies you've lost control over some foods and created addictions, regardless of this food is not your enemy, you can rise above this and develop a love of yourself based on a holistic, mind (soul), body and environment approach. 

If you knew how to do this yourself, you would have done it already, right? and, if you knew better, that is right, you would of course do better! 

In Nourished Awakening the hard work is done for you, I have made all the mistakes for you, I have read the books, done the research, listened to the experts, I have experimented on myself and my family and I have seen what works and what does not, leaving only the tried and tested benefits for you.

You know this is exactly what you have been looking for, all you need to do is sign up below to look and feel fabulous in your new you!

Join now for only $67 

If you are having any trouble with your registration please email Annwen at


Here's What YOU GET: A supportive 10 module 'self paced' program that will facilitate and foster personalised visions. You will be guided through a program to create achievable goals and weekly action plans. This group will provide you with all the tools and mindset you need to create healthy habits so you can confidently achieve your perfect vision of yourself! You will learn new nuggets of information each week that will inspire and help you find your inner glow so you can sparkle!

  • Life time subscription: you can go back to it at any time!
  • Videos in each  module
  • 10 x e-books 
  • Actions that will help you achieve your goals 
  • Information, tools and mindset to create lifelong habits 
  • Recipes that are fun, simple, easy and delicious! 
  • Tips on what to do when you are out and about
  • How to keep on track with your own family
  • Articles, books, podcasts and recommended readings

Being Revised and updated. Coming SOON!!!

Investment $67


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