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Lemon Coconut Gummies

Lemon Coconut Gummies

 Lemon Coconut Gummies

This recipe as with most of mine came about by wanting to include therapeutic strength probiotics along with some good gut healing gelatine. Ive been testing loads of different gummie recipes, this is by far my favourite!

Why make gummies?

Gelatin was a regular part of the traditional diet but in the modern world nose to tail eating is no longer as common, meaning we're missing out on the wonderful amino acids that were available in the bones, skin and joints of the animal. 

It is a wonderful source of collagen. Gelatin is the collagenous proteins broken down into amino acids. These are the building blocks for the body and used to make connective tissue – it supports the skin and helps to retain its suppleness. Collagen is also found in your bones.

Our collagen production slows with age. When our bodies are low in collagen we are more prone to injuries. Collagen also helps with recovery after an injury. Research is currently looking at the use of gelatin to increase the recovery of broken bones and skins wounds.

Gelatin provides a natural source of protein and amino acids which are essential for many part of the body. This can be beneficial for picky eaters and people in need of extra protein. Gelatin does not contain the full range of amino acids so it is important to eat other complete protein sources as part of your diet.

Gelatin helps to balance Methionine. Methylation can occur in the body when we eat high amounts of muscle meat which contains methionine (an essential amino acid). At high levels, methylation can contribute to premature aging and other health problems. Rather than avoiding eating muscle meat, this can be balanced out by eating other parts of the animal which are rich in proline and glycine such as gelatin. This is why eating a wide and varied diet is so important.

Gelatin can also help with digestion. Gelatin helps to keep water in the digestive track as it absorbs water. This helps to promote healthy bowel movements and make you feel fuller for longer. Gelatin helps to simulate stomach acid production which is an important step in the digestion process – a lack of stomach acid can cause a cascade of problems in the body. Glutamine can help to repair the small intestine. The villi in the small intestine help us to break down and absorb the minerals in our food. Villi have a rapid cell turn over and glutamine helps them to heal and grow.

Without further ado.... here is my favourite way to use it!


1/4 - 1/2 cup hot (not boiling) water

8 Tbsp Changing Habits Gelatine (I have tried a few brands and this is my all time favourite, it is organic, made from ethically raised pigs, free from hormones, antibiotics and chemicals) 

2 Cups lemon juice

200g or approximately 1 cup coconut cream yoghurt (I make my own with Kultured Wellness cultures, a simple 2 step, 2 ingredient, 8 hour ferment!)

1/4 tsp of green leaf stevia or honey to taste. If you like it tart like me, then you won't need much!


1. Pour hot water slowly onto the gelatine and mix, leave it for a few minutes to "bloom"

2. Place this in a saucepan and stir to melt.

3. Slowly add about half the lemon juice so it combines without lumps.

4. Take off the stove top and add the remaining lemon juice to speed up the cooling process.

5. Add in the sweetener of your choice and once near room temperature, stir in the coconut yoghurt. You don't want to add this to the hot liquid as it will kill all the good probiotics :) 

6. Pour into a baking paper lined container or into individual moulds and place into the fridge to set.


Kultured Wellness

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